Next Gen Logix's team has a well-defined approach and is highly proficient in developing efficient bespoke solutions across a diversity of business domains, irrespective of their size. Company provide a strategic enterprise development approach that works towards increasing organization productivity simultaneously.

IT Solutions

Next Gen Logix provides end-to-end product development & Robotic Process Automation solutions that include due deligence & proof-of-concept, feasibility study, rapid prototyping, and deployment. We understand the challenges of rolling out a new product and have adopted a set of best practices that ensure successful new product implementation.

We deliver custom system design and application programming services to industries like healthcare, travel and manufacturing. Our goal is to provide you with a cost-efficient, user-friendly application that solves your business needs.

We provide testing strategy that will work towards increasing developer productivity while simultaneously.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Before the computer came in existence human used to do many tedious job/hard work. With the advent of computers, massive storage of data and calculations became possible with a single mouse click. But still human need some skill to operate the same.

So here RPA will take the place now. Imagine yourself telling your computer to do this, do that and finish that report for you.

Is it really possible and effective?
The answer is Yes.
This is exactly where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes into play. RPA systems are used to automate basic and repetitive office tasks.

We Automate Application with RPA-

  • Web Application
  • Windows App
  • Backend Process/Web Services
  • Mainframe
  • SAP
  • Citrix Based App
  • Many More...

Application & Software Development

There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all and we have made it more easier, simpler and faster through our creative sense and vision to shape your needs and deliver it you in form of web application that Helps your Businesses To Grow!

Application development covers a wide range of custom services designed to improve a company’s ability to compete in the marketplace. Through effective web applications, companies benefit from greater scalability, portability and enhanced accessibility, which ultimately help streamline business and drive profitability.

Next Gen Logix's web application development team has a well-defined approach and is highly proficient in developing efficient bespoke solutions across a diversity of business domains, irrespective of their size.

Our web designing and Development services includes

  • Application Development - Across all the technologies
  • Web Designing & Development - Responsive Web application
  • eCommerce Websites Development - Online Shopping Stores & Custom Shopping Carts

Mobile Apps (Andriod & IOS)

With global experience in developing applications across various platforms, Next Gen Logix brings to the table a proven implementation methodology with an emphasis on standards and processes. We have built dedicated centers of excellence around the popular smartphone platforms, and developed and ported applications across various platforms:

  • Mobile-Web
  • Native applications
  • Co-existing applications across mobile, Web and desktop platform

Next Gen Logix best practices in mobile application development includes:

  • Cross-platform development capability
  • Expertise in enterprise integration
  • Execution excellence expressed through a rapid response culture
  • Design of intuitive and powerful modern interfaces